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The aim of the RAMSES II project is to provide innovative intensification scenarios for the four most-represented cereal crop agroforestry parks in West Africa, while maximizing their adoption by smallholders.

The approach is based on a multi-scale diagnosis of the key factors of park dynamics and the characterization of the multiple services they provide. In order to maximize adoption, the most advantageous intensification scenarios are co-designed by scientists and stakeholders using participatory modeling developed in the context of multi-stakeholder innovation platforms:

1.At the farm level, a bioeconomic model simulates management scenarios proposed by farmers, providing them with the potential impacts on farm income and agronomic and environmental performance to help them select the best management scenarios. more adapted to their current priorities.

Village scale

2. At the village territorial level, all stakeholders, including authorities (state and customary) and social actors (including women, youth, migrants), will co-build realistic governance that can support the chosen scenarios while including gender, youth, and migrant's equal empowerments.

Territory scale


Millennia of agroforestry practices in West Africa are currently facing multiple threats, testing the ability of agroforestry systems to meet current needs for increased food production to feed a growing population. vulnerable. The question asked by this project is the following: "How can agroforestry be intensified sustainably ?"


Agroforestry offers local agronomic, environmental, economic and social benefits that can contribute to improving food, nutrition and economic security. It is an interesting starting point to explore for the design of sustainable and resilient agricultural systems in the face of global change.

30 partners, including 24 Ministries and Funding Agencies (Group of Funders) from 18 European and African countries decide to join their forces and funding to build an ERA-Net Cofund project with a financial support of the European Commission.

RAMSES II is one of the 27 projects selected by the Leap-Agri Group of Funders.



Shea parkland
Women and children
Sob experimental site
Kamboinsé experimental site
Shea butter
Contact meeting
Keur-Matar site (near Thiès)
Shea parkland
Faidherbia albida
The team at Sob site
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